How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes…

Located at the gates to Chicago’s famed Old Town entertainment district, near the intersection of Wells and Division Street, The Rabbit Hole is the neighborhood destination where the magic happens every day and every night. With an elevated selection of pub food that’s good for a snack or something heartier, and an eclectic mix of ambiance including music, games, and great people.

It’s in our name, The Rabbit Hole. The concept behind the moniker is more than just the obvious Lewis Carrol association. “Falling” down a rabbit hole, like “falling” in love is about surrender. One steps out of the mundane outside world into a magical space where the right combination of food, beverage, and company creates the alchemy needed for true and healthy escape, a change in perspective, a shift in perception, an adventure.

The Rabbit Hole is never ordinary, just curiouser and curiouser. Tumble down!

The Rabbit Hole Chicago
1208 N. Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60610
​E: [email protected]
​T : 312-274-1824


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