Reggie Returns!

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A month or so ago, our beloved rabbit sculpture went missing. Needless to say, we were crestfallen. As the proud owner of two lucky rabbits feet, “Reggie the Rabbit” (AKA Harvey the Bunny) has returned to his post at The Rabbit Hole, Old Town.

Here is the whole story as it happened:


Reggie The Rabbit Goes Missing: The Rabbit Hole Chicago Launches Investigation

Chicago, IL – The Rabbit Hole Chicago, a whimsical tavern known for its love of all things bunny-related, has reported the disappearance of its most beloved sculpture, “Reggie The Rabbit”. The iconic 5-foot tall statue, rumored to be made entirely of recycled carrot peelings, has been a staple of the tavern’s collection for years, drawing admirers from far and wide. But now, the gallery is offering $1 and their eternal gratitude for the safe return of their beloved “Reggie The Rabbit” sculpture. No questions asked. 

According to witnesses, Reggie was last seen in his usual spot near the front door, greeting patrons and posing for selfies. However, one morning, when the owners arrived at the bar, Reggie was nowhere to be found. “We were devastated to discover that Reggie had been taken,” said the bar’s owner, Joe Hare. “He’s been a part of this place for so long, and it just feels empty without him.”

The eatery has launched an investigation and is working closely with local authorities to track down the missing sculpture. They’re also asking the public for help, urging anyone with information about Reggie’s whereabouts to come forward. “We’re not looking to assign blame or press charges,” Hare added. “We just want our bunny back. He’s a cherished member of our family, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get him back where he belongs.”

In the meantime, The Rabbit Hole has set up a makeshift memorial to Reggie, featuring photos, candles, and, of course, plenty of carrots. Fans of the sculpture are encouraged to stop by and pay their respects, and to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in the area. “Reggie may be gone for now, but his spirit lives on,” Hare said. “We’ll never give up on him, and we know that with the help of the community, we’ll find him and bring him home where he belongs.”

Anyone with information about Reggie’s disappearance is encouraged to contact The Rabbit Hole Chicago at 1-800-HOP-TO-IT. The $1 reward is available to anyone who provides information leading to the safe return of the sculpture, “no questions asked.”

The rabbit was returned. We would tell you that story but, as promised, no questions were asked.
All’s well that ends well. Welcome home, Reggie!
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